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Backpack for Solo travel is the first and Most important thing you need to know as a Traveler.

Perfect Backpack for Solo Travel

When you are traveling solo how to select a perfect backpack is the first thing we need to bother about. The first thing during the Traveling is to Choose a perfect bag. Now What kind of bag is perfect?

Perfect Bag For Traveling

A perfect bag for Traveling is one which have appropriate space in it. It should not be a trekking bag if you are not going for trekking as trekking bags are not divided into sections mostly. Your bag should be small simple and it should be 40 to 50 Litres. As if you are crossing the area like airport or railway stations it should not be a hurdle for you. Carry minimum things in it can increase your mobility and you can cover more places without get tired.

Ensure it should have Shoulder straps, waste straps for support. Make sure it should be water proof. It should have Laptop holder, ipad holder, Camera holder for the electronic things you are carrying. It should have the Poches on side to carry water bottles or your shorts.

Never Carry such Traveler bag

Use A perfect bag that you can purchase from Amazon or other websites easily. Your bag must have a detachable day bag. I am suggesting a bag for you given in the link from amazon https://amzn.to/2NKPq2q


Things You must have In your Bag

Anti-Fungal Powder

When you are traveling continously , your foot can be infected by the fungus or they can be smelly due to fungus. So you must carry a anti-fungal powder

Dry Fit Cloths

Dry fit clothes like Shirt, Hoodie, Dry Fit Pants are the best for your journey. Easily washable and light in weight. You can pack them just rolling and they cover very less clothes. Decathlon products are preferable for traveling.


Must carry your Tent along with you. If you are trekking then living in the tent is an amazing experience. You can stay inside the tent without the impact of rain as they are waterproof.

Perfect Tent Can save You From Rain and Cold

For best deal in Tent check out the link

Carry Only Necessary Cloths

Carry with the fewer things and of of Ofcourse clothes are not that necessary so carry only necessary clothes along with you. Some pairs of shocks, Two to three inner shirts, Windcheater, Full Sleeves Dry fit jackets, Rain Pants, Carry an Umbrella with you if you are going for a trek because rain is a possibility anytime in mountains. Carry a Stick along with you if you are going for a trek.

Always Carry Your Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is a necessary thing in the backpack. If you are taking a tent then the Sleeping bag is an integral part of it. It is a waterproof thing and you can sleep in it in a tent.

Inside of a Tent

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Carry Small and Important Accessories

You must have a small bag for your personal documents like Passport, Driving Licence, ATM Cards, Your Wallet, Camera, Mobile and camera charger, power banks, etc.

Have a Bottle of Grade 5 Polypropylene for the water as it does not react with water. you must have a small knife for safety purposes and it can be used in peeling and cutting fruits. Although if you are traveling internationally then you are not allowed to carry a knife and these gadgets. Additionally, you can carry a Lighter for the lightning of Fire if you have to bone fire in trekking. The important thing is “less you carry more you travel”







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