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Traveling these days becomes a Passion for everyone either for males or females. Female solo travelers are very enthusiastic about exploring things and reaching tough destinations. But safety tips for females travelers are very important. They must travel safely is the important thing they need to know before backpacks to any expedition. Some of the things they need to know before any solo trip must be followed to ensure their safety. Solo Traveling can give you the three most important. So here are some important Solo Traveling Tips.

Advantages of Solo Travelling

1.Comfort which is priority

If you are travelling alone or travelling solo then there is no one for disturbing the conmfort of yours. Comfort is the priority in any trip. so solo trip is the best in the case of comfort


IF You are travelling Solo with a perfect backpack then you can manage your time accordingly beacause in case of solo travelling there is no ups and down with respesct to timings.

3. Money Management

Solo Travelling teaches you the proper use of money. You can save money in many ways like you can rent a hostel instead of the Hotel. You can chat with the locals and sometimes they can offer you food and accommodation. So solo traveling teaches you Proper use of money also. So these are the things solo travelers can enjoy.

Now When you are Traveling solo you must take care about the safety tips.

Safety Tips For Solo Travelers

Proper Knowledge of The Place

Before you head towards any destination or any expedition you must have a piece of outer information about the climate, culture, and security measures of that place.

Have Some Safety Equipment in Your Backpack

If you are traveling at the time of night you must have some safety equipment with you like a knife, Paper salt, etc. so that if you find yourself in trouble at least you have something to protect you. Females travelers must be strict to this rule.

Download Offline Google map

Before going on to trip you must download the offline google map of that place so that if you do not have internet you can have that offline map for information purposes.

Always Carry A First Aid Kit

You must have a First AID Kit for any medical emergency in your backpack. Traveling without a First Aid Kit is very risky. It may costs around 200-300 INR for a full kit.

Travel According to your Health and Physique

Traveling is good when you travel according to your physical capabilities. If you are traveling in a plane area and then going to mountains then this may cause health issues, some breathing problems. these are some Important things For Solo travelers.

Avoid Street Food

Street food no doubt is cheap but it can affect your health and spoil your full trip. So always eat healthy and stay fit during travel. Interact with local peoples ,sometimes they also offer good food . Never hesitate if you are a solo traveler.

These are the tips of solo travelling in purpose of your safety.

How To Travel Solo In Less Budget

Always Use Public Transport

Public transport is the best option for the view of safety as well as for the budget. Wherever you go prefer Public buses, Trains in case of long distance. It will be a good experience to interact with the different peoples in different transports as well budget friendly.

Rent Hotels In Morning Time

ALways rent any hotel or hostel in the daytime because if you rent it in the evening then it seems to be your need and the owners can charge more money from you but if you rent in the morning its just a demand.

Try Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is not a bad thing. Try hitchhiking during your travel. Know the new people, talk to them and explore things along with them. if they are locals they can help you in many ways.

Locals Help and Book Offline

Always talk to the locals. They can help you with the best food, the best and cheap transport, and accommodations as they know that place more than you. and do not book any hotel and ticket online as they involve their convenience charges in that.

If you work on these Solo Traveling Tips your Trip will be awesome, healthy and Successful. All the Best.




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