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We all love traveling and at a point in time, we all wish to have road trips to our decided destinations. It may be with your family, maybe with your friends. A road trip is full of adventure and side by side it can be problematic if we go without any planning. So, How to plan a perfect road trip? is the question here. Here are some hacks which help you to make your road trip a memorable experience along with your squad. Your road trip might be a Lifelong memorable experience or it may be a nightmare depending upon your planning.

Road Trip planner-Choose a spacious Vehicle

The vehicle you are choosing for your road trip must be spacious and comfortable so that your trip will not become a hectic bus trip.  You must have a perfect sound system in your vehicle to enjoy your journey along with good music of your taste.

Suitable and spacious vehicle for a road trip

Assemble your Squad &  Selection your squad

This is the most important thing of all other things “Your Squad”.  The squad must not be very big because it is time-consuming for a big squad to do routine things and it will kill your precious time waiting for everyone. The main thing is the squad must consist of your best friends, who can survive and live happily with you in every situation. And if possible choose friends for your trip with the same habits (either good or bad but the same habits to reduce clashes).

How to plan a perfect road trip- Choose a perfect squad

Descide Your Roadtrip Route

Always decide the route which you are going to take for your trip, this can help you a lot You will enjoy it more if you swim along the river stream. You and your squad must be aware of must-do,s and do n’t-do,s during your trip. Don’t plan too much in advance but research the places you want to visit that will be very helpful. You can take the help of websites and blogs for information about places.

How to plan a perfect road trip- Go slow

Always go slow pause your trip and enjoy locations, enjoy, and the move. Go slower than you think so that your trip will not become hectic. Trying to do too much in too little time will make things hectic and it can ruin your experience. That is why how to plan the perfect road trip is important.

Check your final Preparations

Before heading toward your destination always check your final preparation for the road trip. Check your vehicle or car is working properly, Tires have enough air, and Always carry an extra tire in case of emergency. Check your cars registration and insurance, must have google map and something to provide internet all the time for you, Spare change for Toll taxes, a Sleeping bag, a first aid kit, air freshener, a laundry bag, plenty of snacks, and CNG cylinder with some easily cooking snacks.

A road trip is an awesome experience

You must have a good camera, water bottles, extra keys in case your car gets locked, Toilet paper for emergencies, and hand sanitizer. After all, these things fill your fuel tank and hit the road.

Money for The Trip

You can avoid the stress of money by creating a collective kitty fund with all your partners. Contribute a small amount and it will become big with others’ contributions. Eat some off-city restaurants to avoid wastage of money, You will get the same quality of food in less outside the city. Same you can do for the stay. If you are not comfortable sleeping under the stars or in your car you can rent rooms in hotels outside the city at affordable prices.

Fuel, Food, and stay are going to be your main expenses so make sure at these points how you can reduce the cost of your trip. Drive your car at a speed limit that will increase fuel efficiency and rest you can save in food and stays.

How to plan a perfect road trip- A loaded jeep of road trip

Snacks are necessary because it may happen that you will be stuck in a situation where you will find no food and at that time snacks will help you. Always think about your next meal, and fill your vehicle with enough of snacks. so How to plan a perfect road trip is the most important part of your trip.

Essentials for a Road Trip

You must have all the necessary things with you when you are on a trip. Here are some essentials you must carry.

1)Carry a duffle bag with you. Easy to carry when you leave your car and go out for exploring things.

2)Lot of snacks are of course the main part of essentials. Popcorns,fruits for your cravings.

3) First aid box for medical emergencies.

4) Water bottles for hot and cold water.

5) Carry an extra canister of fuel in case you will not find any petrol station.

6) Tent and sleeping bags are necessary if you will not find any stay, you can survive in a tent and sleep in sleeping bags.

7) Extra batteries and spare keypad phones than your android or iPhone as these consume much more battery than simple keypad phones.

8)Books or journals if you love to read. you can carry the book of your favorite author and enjoy your journey.

9) Do not forget to bring your DSLR or Go pro camera to make it a lifelong experience. It is obvious to carry if you are a youtube or blogger to filming things. Carry some extra batteries for your camera.

10) Carry packets of tissue paper to clean your spillage (may be coffee or another eatery). Carry masks along with you.

So Learn How to plan a perfect road trip and just rock the road.




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