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Manali is one of the best places to enjoy your holidays, especially during this snow season. The view and vibe you will find in Manali are very exotic. Manali is a town in Himachal Pradesh Kullu district and a hotspot for couples and tourists from all around India as well as from other countries. We planned to visit Manali in January 2023. Here is the detail of our Trip to Manali 2023. You can plan your Solo Trip to Manali with the help of these details.

How to reach the Manali

In the winter season, there is heavy snowfall on the 14 January morning and we started our trip from Chandigarh on the 13th of January. From Chandigarh ISBT 43 we took a Volvo directly from Chandigarh to Manali which costs us around 800 INR per person. The timing for our bus was 9.30 and it leaves the bus stand at its pre-decided time. From Chandigarh to Manali it was an approximately 9 hrs journey by bus. Around 4 am bus stopped in mandi for snacks and tea. After that bus leaves for our destination and we reach the Manali Volvo bus stand at 7.15 am. It was a comfortable journey with orbit aviation Volvo and value for money. In the morning we found fresh snowfall which is looking very cinematic and snow puffs are looking likes cotton, very soft. Manali and Kashmir are the most favourable hotspots for tourists in winter season specially.

From Volvo bus stand to Mall road  Manali is approx 3 km distance and covered it all by walking because taxis are also very less due to slippery roads after a snowfall. If you took an ordinary bus then you reach directly to mall road as the bus stand was adjacent to Mall road. Driving in the snow was very risky as the vehicles are slipping and only 4×4 vehicles are in operation in such conditions. Finally, we reach Mall road and see the tent where the Tambola game was in progress, which is a daily evening activity on Mall road Manali. So travel through Volvo for Your Solo trip to Manali because an ordinary buses can spoil your health as roads are very curvy.

Where to stay in Manali | Solo Trip to Manali

Manali is a hill station and very famous among tourists and obviously, the rates are also very high due to the snow season. Staying in Manali will be costly if you book a hotel with the help of a mediator, so try to get hotels on your own. There are a lot of hotels on mall road. We booked a room in Hotel Rock regency on mall road which costs us around 1200 INR per night and the temperature was -6 degrees so we ask them to arrange a room heater which costs around 500 INR. The room was good and the view of mall roads and the mountains covered by the snow by amazing. If you have a good budget you have many options but if you are looking for budget-friendly property to stay in, I recommend you to choose the hostel. There are many hostels but you have to come out from the main area for your stay.

View Of Mallroad manali-Solo trip to manali

Where to eat in Manali

Although all the hotels provide food facilities we choose to have our meal outside the hotel and it is recommended to eat outside so that you can enjoy the feel of Manali. Many small hotels are in operation at mall road and if you are a non-vegetarian you have plenty of options. We choose to eat mutton and bread which is delicious. Many hawkers you find on mall road who are selling sweets, you can try that too.

How to reach Manali to Old Manali

Old Manali is not so far from Manali mall road and we choose to cover the distance by traveling. There is a forest area which is the shortcut from mall road to Manali. The ticket cost 20 INR for each and you can enter the forest, it’s a peaceful walk through nature and you can feel the freshness of nature throughout your walk. We met a person who is with his rabbit Raju and charging 20 INR for the pictures with his rabbit. All around covered with long trees and finally, you reach at the old Manali after a 20-25 minutes walk

Places to Visit in Old Manali

Finally, we reach old Manali. There is a small river which has a bridge, on that river you can enjoy zipline or other sports activities. Manu temple was the ancient monument present there. You can reach there through walk and the temple is made of wooden architecture and looks so beautiful. Hadimba Temple was also the other place in Old Manali where faith lies. Hadimba temple is situated at a good height where you have to reach through stairs and evening art is the main attraction. We found the temple rooftop covered with snow in the dev data forest. You will find yalks here. The handlers of the Yalks will charge 200-300 INR for the photoshoot. You can take the memories along with you.

yalk in Manali
Hadimba temple- Solo trip to manali
Ancient Manu temple

We choose to track the snowy mountains and took a left from Manu temple. We found that the local kids are playing in the snow which is looking very thrilling and traditional. we continue our walk and found an amazing view from the top of a hill.

Manali is surely meet your expectations if you are planning to visit. A solo trip to Manali will be better if you plan for everything before. Like we are booking our return through Volvo in the evening and it is almost double. So plan your arrival and return early to make your Solo trip to Manali memorable.

Manali to Solang Valley | Solo Trip to Manali

Solang valley is the main attraction for tourists despite mall road and all other things. In Solang valley, you can enjoy many sports and thrilling activities, especially in winter. Solang valley is present comparably at more height than the valley so contains much more snow. You can enjoy skiing, Paragliding, Snow monster truck riding, etc on the white carpet. The distance from mall road to Solang is approximately 15-16 km and you can hire a taxi from mall road or old Manali. As I traveled in the winter snowy season so the rent to a higher taxi was 8000-10000 INR, which is very high.

Cost Of Manali Solo Trip

Manali is very costly as it’s a tourist hub and tourists are gathered here from all around the world. If you are on a Solo trip you can reduce your expenditure by opting for a hostel instead of a hotel. You can eat in the restaurants outside the main area. The average expenditure per day would be 1500-2000 INR and the rest depends upon you.


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