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Ajanta Caves

Ajanta caves are present in Maharashtra in India. These caves have a great historic value as they are in the Aurangabad district of Maharastra. Ajanta caves are Built as the Buddhist Religious arts in two phases in the 2nd Century and the 4th Century. This place is a Protected monument and comes under the Archeological Survey of India.

How These Caves Are Manufactured

These Caves are a group of 30 rocks cuts into the Buddhist monuments. These are situated in the Ajanta village of Aurangabad District hence known as the Ajanta caves. These are great examples of rock painting and sculpture. Moreover, these caves in 1983 were declared as the UNESCO World Heritage site. The painting on the wall recounts the Life of Lord Buddha life.

How Ajanta Caves Are Explored

Ajanta caves are located 107 Kilometers from Aurangabad and 60 Kilometers from Jalgaon. These caves are present from a very long era but when a British Army officer John Smith is on Tigers hunting on 28 April 1819, he found the entrance of cave number 10 and after that, a local village boy guided him to the caves. Villagers are already known about these caves.

If you are a 90,s kid you must have read about these caves in your textbooks of geography.

Details about the Ajanta Caves (Some famous caves)

Cave 1: Cave 1 has the greatest example of Vihara Architecture. The most famous painting of this cave is Bodhisattva Padmapani. Besides the Bodhisattva, there is his wife, a dark beauty. Monkey and peacock are present in a joyous posture in this painting.

Cave 2 :

This has a veranda and a lovely painted ceiling. Cave 1 and this cave are somewhat alike and explain the Legends of buddha Birth in some Panels.

Cave 4 :

This is the largest cave of the Ajanta caves. It has the largest vihara and length. It has a main hall on the twenty-eight pillars. Outside cave 4 there is a carving of lord buddha with his devotees.

Cave 16 :

cave 16 has the best example of the Wall painting in all the Ajanta caves. The masterpiece in this cave is a painting is on the left wall, known as “Dying Princess”.


Cave 19 :

It is the chaitya-hall of the Mahayana period. It has many large Buddha Figures and great arched windows. With its Large number of stone figures, it is known as ” The sculptures Treasure chest”

Cave 26 :

This cave is very crowded cave. The most important figure in this cave is Parinirvana , The buddha is giving lessions to the kings and monks. This wall contain Relief of “Temptation of Buddha”

Although Ajanta caves are very unique and beautiful pieces of work besides this there are many other caves Like Ellora caves, Borra Caves, Siju Caves which are also interesting to explore.

Finally if you visit Ajanta then must go to Ellora also. These both are almost same kind of structures and present nearby to each other.







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