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OSHO is the name that was a terror in the era 80,s to 90,s for all leaders across the world due to his intellectual and scientific thoughts. All the elite as well as the educated class of that time was his follower. Moreover at present Osho and his discourses are giving direction to the many lives all across the globe. OSHO was well known for his controversial book ” Sex Matters: From sex to superconsciousness” which is published in 1969. He is also known as Sex Guru (a person who teaches sex) due to his open thoughts on such things.

Statue of the Osho at the OSHO international meditation resort Pune

Who was OSHO

On 11 December 1931, a boy was born in the house of a cloth merchant in the kuchwada, Bhopal state in British India presently in Madhya Pradesh. He was named “Chander Mohan Jain” and got the nickname Rajneesh. Rajneesh use to live with his grandparents until the age of 8 years. He lives his life with full freedom as his grandparents don’t make any restrictions on him. At the age of 7 his grandfather died and this incident has a deep impact on his life.

He was a rebellious student as well as a great debater during his school years. Rajneesh was very impressed with communist ideology and he use to read Marx and Engels which results in his school expulsion. His colleagues and some relatives say that he use to discuss the communist ideology with his group of friends. He also has a collection of communist literature which makes him against the religion.

From Rajneesh to OSHO

Rajneesh started working as a professor of philosphy in the college of Jabalpur from 1958 to 1960 for some time but after that, he quit his job and started giving discourses. In a very less time he became very famous due to his logical and scientific discourses. Not only India but almost 180 countries of the world come under his influence. And his followers are the creative persons of the society at that time including artists, doctors, lawyers, and the elite class.

Bhagwan Rajneesh gave himself the name OSHO. The meaning of OSHO is defined as ” when a drop of water meets the sea it loses its identity and becomes ocean too, in the same way when a soul became enlightened it becomes god “. OSHO was the person who is called Bhagwan by his followers. But he was very famous by other name Sex guru OSHO.

Controversial Saint- Bhagwan Rajneesh

OSHO was the most controversial saint in our history. Although he was an enlightened soul he was very less popular due to his scientific logic and criticism of religion. It is believed that OSHO does hypnotism. If you watch his discourses you get hypnotized and you get surprised that how OSHO defines everything with great logic.

OSHO was the only person in this world with the name of which 650 books are published. His every discourse becomes a book and everything you find is different in each book. OSHO owns a library of the books he use to read and the number of books is 150000. OSHO never compromised with any of his principles, whatever he said was final. He never said sorry for whatever he said in his discourses. His controversial book was ” Sex Matters: From sex to superconsciousness”. Most of the religious as well as political leaders was against to him as they think as a threat to them.

At that time OSHO followers called him to the united states and this give the origin to the Rajneeshpuram. OSHO established his own city in the United States. In the era of 1980,s OSHO owns 93 rolls-Royce and a private jet. He was very famous as the sex guru of India. It is believed that sex was organized in the name of Yoga in his camps. But no childbirth was reported. Alleged sex guru OSHO talks about the commune and opposes the marriage, he has very rebellious thoughts on many such orthodox things.

Mysterious Life-Mysterious Death OF Sex Guru OSHO

OSHO faced a lot of hate in India and in other countries also. All political leaders are against him as he never compromises with his principles. At one time almost 180 countries banned him from their country. So at last Sex guru OSHO came back to India at the home of his Follower and from their to Pune.

OSHO said that he know about his prelife, he was Dalai Lama and his grave was situated at that particular place. Which is investigated and found true later. When he became famous in America then on the order of the President he was arrested and it is a rumor that an injection of slow poison was given to him, which leads to the death of OSHO.



  1. It’s amazing to read about Osho in current time. It makes you to think and live in actual manner. It explore new experiences and makes you to enhance your knowledge with experience. Osho naman 🙏

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