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There was a time when traveling by air was a dream for most people due to the high rates charged by the airlines. But now the time has changed and domestic air travel in India becomes affordable for everyone. Here are the best domestic airlines in India.

1. Vistara Airlines

Vistara airlines are one of the best domestic airlines in India. It is a value-for-money, convenient, luxurious, and affordable airline in India. Cabin crew and boarding timings are its specialties. Vistara airlines do not change its timing until or unless any technical issue or weather change.

This airline does not believe in advertisements and believes in customer satisfaction. All the flights through this airline are on time without irrelevant delay.

2. Indigo Airlines

Indigo airlines are second on this list and it covers most of the areas where other airlines do not provide their services. Ticket rates are very nominal for these airlines. As compared to Vistara this is a little down in services but its reach is magnificent throughout the country.

The onboard meal system of these airlines is very good and the cabin crew is also very supportive. Overall these airlines give a very good experience for eagle-eye view visits.

3. Air-Asia Airlines

This airline is a tie-up of India and Singapore that started in 2016 in India. This is very famous for its lower fair prices. Sometimes you can buy a ticket for 999 INR, so if you just want to experience air travel this airline is best for you. This airlines also give attractive offers to its customers from time to time.

We can say it is the cheapest airline for travel.

4. Air-India

It was the government airlines of India. But now Tata group of industries acquired it. All the employees and cabin crew working with this airline are government employees. Not so convenient as compared to other airlines but if you want to support your government you can travel through this.

Tickets are costly as compared to other private airlines. The hospitality of Air India is good, you will feel the Indian culture in the cabin crew’s dress-up and behavior.

5. Spice-Jet

As its name contains spice it is very attractive for its cabin crew behavior, Convenience and it is growing very fast in its field. Traveling through this airline will give you a luxurious feel for sure because its planes are small in size with less passenger capacity and you can take a feel of the private jet.

If you want to have good onboard food then this is your airline. It is famous for its food quality and it has a tie-up with hotel Taj (the best five-star hotel in India). All the food served during travel comes from the taj hotel.

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