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India is a country full of versatility whether in Language, culture, Religion or atmospheric conditions. Foreigners are attracted nowadays to India for its spiritualism and beautiful monuments. Indian peoples are also very supportive and humble of foreigners due to the high moral values of Indian families. Irrespective of that foreigners face many kinds of problems when they visit India. Some of the major problems that foreign tourist face in India are below.

Language barrier

As India is a country of diversity. It has many regional and local languages besides its national language which is Hindi. Foreigners do not understand any of these languages nor everyone in India knows foreign languages except some traveling guides.


Like every country, India has a variety of street food. In different cities, you will find different street food which is purely Indian and full of spices, sweets, and unhealthy in a sense. Foreigners are more aware of their food habits with fewer spices and a healthy proteinaceous diet which is mostly unavailable or they have to pay very high. Your backpack must contain some essentials while traveling to avoid discomfort.

Spicy street food -Problems that foreign tourist face in India

Seafood was only available in some places which most foreigners prefer.


Hygiene is the main issue whether we talk about the food or the public bathrooms. Street food sellers are not much hygienic although after the pandemic hygiene levels improved in India at a boost.

Public bathrooms are very unhygienic and you will find a person who is collecting money for using them. Pollution is also a big factor. Delhi the capital of India comes in the list of most polluted cities in the world.

Bargaining and Unfair Prices

Local sellers when seeing foreigners at their shops the price of things rises instantly. Idiots are found everywhere and these peoples are in the category. If it is any autorickshaw driver or any fruit seller everyone tries to get extra charges from foreigners. So it is suggested to book rides through authentic sources.

The crowd and selfie Lovers

In India when people see anyone from other countries try to take selfies mostly. Which can be irritative sometimes for tourists.

Hawker selling his items

Crowds or I can say overcrowding is also a big issue in India. If we talk about tourist places or public transport everything is so overcrowding which irritates foreigners. Some other irritative things are Horn-honking in the streets, Street hawkers sound Problems that foreign tourist face in India


Begging is mostly an issue that every country has but in India it is massive. Some of those are needy people but some work in a gang and if you don’t give them some money they try to scare you. Small kids are begging and if you help one other will follow you and start begging which is very irritating.

Challenges and problems of Indian tourism

Indian tourism has many challenges and the government are working to rectify every challenge positively. Tourism is a big industry in India and the government has opened tourist help centers near every tourist spot to guide tourists.

Public hygiene also improved after the government provided assistance to build in-house toilets and public toilets are also upgraded. After the pandemic food-related hygiene increased as people serving street food are fully covered with hand gloves, head caps, and face-mask.

Although fools and bad elements are found everywhere some people will try to rob or misbehave like a case we have observed in Delhi with a girl on youtuber while she was live streaming. Providing comfort is the Challenge and problem of Indian tourism.

These are the problems that foreigners face in India and the Indian tourism industry trying to improve day by day.

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