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Bali is an island in Indonesia and it is a dream for most travelers to visit Bali once in life. Bali has a taste of Blend Nature, beautiful culture, Nightlife, Beautiful landscapes, Worth seeing monuments, and Luxurious Villas. When we hear the word Bali Indonesia, the beautiful Instagram posts by newly married couples come to mind. It’s one of the most loved honeymoon destinations in Asia also. Surely it is an exotic vacation to visit but if I tell you that it will be the cheapest one also.

Bali Indonesia – About Bali

Bali is not a city or country but it’s an Island. Indonesia has about 17000 islands but the Bali is most popular among them. It is a small island just 85km in length and 135km in width but covers a divine beauty in this area.

Such a small space is always packed with a high number of tourists. All the colors of nature, crystal clear water beaches, Thick forests, Incredible waterfalls, and mountains are present in this place.

Culture and People of Bali

When we travel outside we are excited and nervous also about the culture and people. Bali has a dominant population of Hindus and it feels like India. Lord Ganesha, Bramha, Lord Shiva, and Lord Vishnu are worshipped here mostly. The people of Bali are so kind, sweet, and helpful. As I mention in my every post there are some stupid at every place so in Bali, who can scam you? So beware when mostly you exchange your currency.

Balian People Dance

When to visit Bali

Bali is warm and humid all around the year.  Here you will find dry and wet seasons and no rainy seasons. June to September is the perfect time for your travel to Bali. July and August are the peak seasons for tourists and flights, hotels and other activities are much costlier at this time.

December last week and January first week are also peak seasons due to Christmas and New year events. Traveling in May and October to Bali Indonesia is also a good idea as these months are off-seasons and the prices of all facilities are much lower.

How to Reach Bali

You can reach Bali by air. Bali has Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar city. If you are traveling from India to bail there are no direct flights and you have to take a connecting flight. The most connecting airports are Kuala Lumpur airport of Malaysia and Changi airport of Singapore are most common.

Malaysia airport is boring as compared to Singapore airport. And you can get bored if your layout airport is Malaysia, but Singapore airport is much better, you can do a lot of activities during layout time. When you reach Bali airport you got Bali vibes just outside the airport. Bali offers arrival visas to 86 countries.

This visa is issued for 30 days and costs 35 USD and you can extend your stay if you wish to stay. You need these documents with you-

  1. Passport with minimum 6 months of validity
  2. Return Flight Ticket
  3. Vaccination certificate (Covid-19 vaccine)

Places To Visit In Bali

In Bali, you have a variety of places to see including beaches, temples, mountains, waterfalls, and photo spots. So if you have a short time and make a list of what you want to see. The southern Bali, airport is located. South Bali has a lot of beaches, temples, day clubs, beach clubs, and many more.  Nusa Dua, Garuda Wishnu Cultural Park, Uluwatu temple, and Suluban beach are the main attractions of southern Bali.

Sea Beach Side of Bali

Central Bali is the Cultural capital of Bali Indonesia and contains some famous temples showing the religious faith of the Bali people. Central Bali has beautiful waterfalls, mesmerizing rice terraces, and a lot of photo spots here. Ubud is the main city here and all attractions are here. Goa Gajah, Monkey forest, Tegal lalang rice terrace, Ubud palace, Saraswati temple, Tibumana waterfalls, Kanto Lampo waterfall, and Jati Luwi rice terraces are the popular attractions in central Bali.

Beautiful Rice Plantation

North Bali has Uludandu temple, Handra gate and the volcanic mountain called mount Batur are popular attractions here. East Bali has famous Instagram spots like Lempyuang temple also called the gateway of heaven.

Gateway to Heaven

Stays In Bali

Stay in Bali is pretty cheap compared to India. You can easily get a stay in a 4-Star hotel for around 1500 INR per night. You can book a private Villa for around 3000 INR per night. You will get a rich vibe in Bali. You can face a problem with traffic as the roads of Bali are very narrow. Ubud has very exotic villas next to paddy fields which give you another level of vibe.

Food In Bali

Bali is heaven for Non-vegetarians. You will find a good variety of sea foods. Vegetarians also survive but have only a few options to eat. There are two famous vegetarian dishes in Bali Nasi goreng and Mie Goreng, which are fried rice and noodles. Apart from this, you will get food balls with a variety of foods with good nutrition.

Transport In Bali

This is a little disappointing that Bali doesn’t have any public transport. You can either hire a cab or rent a scooter. If you are with the family the choice is a four-wheeler. But if you have freedom for the two-wheeler then rent a scooter it is the cheaper and time-saving option as Bali has a traffic problem due to narrow roads. So you can navigate easily through the scooter.

If you are looking for reliable service then you can book through Klook.  Gojeck and Grab are just like Uber and Ola. You can easily rent a scooter or car if you have an Indian driving license and you will see very few cops on the roads so you can drive without any fear.

Currency In Bali Indonesia

The local currency of Bali is Indonesian Rupiah or IDR. 1 INR roughly equals 180 IDR and 1 USD equals to approx 1500 IDR. It means if you are going with 55000 INR and exchanging it with IDR you will become a Crorepati in Indonesia.

But the expenditure is also on the same scale. For Example, a ride from the airport to Kuta city can cost 90000 IDR. And one Meal can cost you around 60,000 IDR. Beware when you are exchanging your money because many scammers are also there. So always go to an authentic exchange center.

If you convert INR to IDR you will get less rates. So it is suggested 1st convert INR to USD and then USD to IDR. This will be a better option. If you have an Indian debit or visa card with international access you can easily withdraw money from the ATMs,s, but the bank will charge a lot of fees for that. So the recommendation is to keep cash with you when you visit and keep the card for emergencies.

Bali Indonesia-Shopping In Bali

It’s a paradise for shopping and you will find beautiful handcrafted products here. You shop from anywhere if you have good bargaining sense because shop owners will ask for 3-4 times a hike in price. If you don’t have that supernatural power of bargaining then it is suggested Krishna Ole Ole, which is a big mall-like big bazaar.  You will find a lot of variety here at reasonable prices.

women shopkeeper of Bali Indonesia

Bali Indonesia-Activities To Do In Bali

After site seeing, you can do many fun-loving activities here. Mount Batur track is the one of famous activities here. You can feel the thrill of watersports here like Water sailing, Boating, Jet skiing, and Scuba diving.

You can explore the marine life of Bali with Suba Diving and Snorkeling. The best spots for these activities are Nusa Penida and Gilli islands.

Bali Indonesia-Scuba Diving


Bali Indonesia is the most popular honeymoon destination also. You can travel here with your partner and take away awesome memories.

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