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World’s most beautiful places perfect for adventure and exploration, for adults for the aged, for thrilling, and the romantic experience are here. Here is a list of some places you must visit before you die. Here is a list of World most beautiful places to travel. Nature means beauty, so here we listify the places full of nature and its colors.

World most beautiful places list

1. Tianzi Mountains

Must add these mountains to your see list. These are so high touching the sky approx 4000ft of height on average and are present in china. These mountains are no less than the VFX-effect mountains we see in Hollywood movies. With less diameter of land, these are straight like a tower. You can enjoy the cinematic view of these mountains through cable car.

                                                                   High Mountains

The pandora mountains of the movie avatar are inspired by the Tianzi Mountains. If you are a nature lover and love to do adventure then it must be on your list.

2. Iceland-World most beautiful places

Iceland is completely a different experience and you will feel yourself in the marsh or on any other planet. Its Vegetation and climate are different from the rest of the world. Some places are without any greenery and rocks. The best way to explore is through the road trip on a high-rim 4X4 SUV car. It can take 2-3 weeks to cover the entire island. But it would be thrilling and give you the experience of surviving as you see in Netflix TV shows. Most of the time this island remains under the cover of a white carpet.

Iceberg melting somewhere in Iceland

Iceland has mesmerizing beauty and comes to World most beautiful places which you can visit in 2023.

3. Angel Falls-South America

Angel falls are one of the highest waterfalls in the world and it is present in South America. These falls come is on the list of world most beautiful places to visit. Water coming from the big stones and falling from a height of 850 meters into the jungle was such a dramatic view. The water falling from the top converts into small droplets and looks like smoke, which is very fascinating.

                                Waterfall with mesmerizing natural beauty

4. Palawan Island-Phillipines

It’s a place where intensely unnatural colors of nature are real. Mostly an untouched island from the humans and sounded by rich lagoons and rich forests. This island is present in the Philippines and contains crystal clear water.

                                  The Palawan Island of the Phillipines

This natural hidden gem with cartoonish beauty and jaw-dropping beauty can be explored by airplane or with the help of a boat. It has beautiful underwater life including beautiful fishes, turtles, and crabs.

5. Plitvice Lakes National Park-Croatia

It’s one of the southeastern Europe national parks and a UNESCO world heritage site identified since 1979. It covers over 73,000 acres of land and 273 Sq. kilometers to explore for nature lovers.

Waterfalls, cascades, Hiking trails, and lakes with different amazing colors (due to minerals, organisms, and tricks of sun rays) are its main features. These all feature includes it into World most beautiful places.

                                                 Bird-Eye view of the Park

6. Cliffs of Mohar- Ireland|| World most beautiful places

Cliffs of Mohar dismantle during the napoleon war . Now it has only a fort after which these cliffs are named. This fort is present at the height from where you can enjoy the iconic view of blue water and the natural architecture of the cliffs.

These cliffs are home to 30,000 birds from 20 different species and that is why it attracts bird lovers too. You can explore the cliffs on a boat and check the natural formations.

                                          World most beautiful places- Cliffs of Mohar

7. The Great Barrier reef and Whitehaven beach-Queensland, Australia

It’s the world’s largest structure made by living organisms. The Great Barrier reef is constructed by corals. This reef is home to many aquatic species including whales, Dolphins, and crampfish, Turtles, and 9 kinds of sea horse.

                                                           Aquatic Flora and Fauna

Nearby to this Whitehaven beach is considered as the planet’s most beautiful and eco-friendly beach. The coast of this beach is surrounded by 98% pure silica sand and it doesn’t retain heat in it. That means you can walk bare feet and not feel the heat at all.

                         Whitehaven beach-Covered with Silica sand

8. Top Unbelievable places on the planet- Underwater waterfalls, Mauritius

It is present in the Indian ocean. It is present in Mauritius and with a depth of 400 meters. Isn,t is amazing that a waterfall is present under the water, but that’s true and you can experience it in the Mauritius. It is very rich in flora and fauna.

                             A reference picture for underwater waterfalls

9. Pink Lake-Lake Retba, Senegal

This beautiful lake is situated in Senegal and is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a narrow border. The lake looks completely pink in color. This color is due to some color mechanism of the sunlight and organisms present in it. You must be happy to hear its water is completely healthy and you can swim in it too.

10. Places to visit in Bali- Indonesia

Bali is the most exotic and worth-visiting place in Asia. It is situated in Indonesia and actually an island. Indonesia is a collection of many islands but Bali is famous for its beauty all around the globe. It is a famous honeymoon spot in the world and I can say cheapest in the budget also. It has jaw-dropping beauty, beautiful sandy beaches, amazing photo spots ,  beautiful villas, and mesmerizing rice terraces.

Lempyuang temple Or Gateway of Heaven in Bali

Nusa Dua, Garuda Wishnu Cultural Park, Uluwatu temple, Suluban beach, and Tanah lot (Southern Bali) are some famous spots to visit. Southern Bali has the airport where you land on the airplane. In central Bali, you find amazing temples, Beautiful waterfalls, rice terraces, and amazing photo spots. 

Bali is also very cheap and you will become a millionaire if you have 50000 INR as 1INR in approximately 185 Balli rupees and 1 USD equals 14000 Bali rupees. You will get hotels and villas at a very cheap price here. Balli is one of the World most beautiful places to visit. And must be in your bucket list.

Beautiful Rice Terraces Of Bali


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