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India is full of diversity make it a hub for all adventurous activities. With its breathtaking landscapes, beautiful waterfalls to the majestic Mountains there is no limitation for the adventurous activities in India. It attracts nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Here are the Best Adventure Sports in India.

River Rafting Rishikesh

River Rafting is one of the most adventurous and exciting activities in India. When it comes to rafting it is most challenging and adventurous. If you have a high dose of Adrenaline in your nerves Rafting is for you. Floating with the water waves of a wild river is more than a sport. The best place for River Rafting in India is Rishikesh Uttrakhand. Rishikesh has more than Temples. Rishikesh and Rafting is a wonderful experience with the roaring waves of the River Ganga.

Rafting in Rishikesh can be enjoyed at any time of the year except Monsoons. The best time for Rafting in Rishikesh is between March to May. The price for rafting starts From 1500 INR which is very cheap for such a thrill. You are provided with Life Jackets and professionals to avoid any miss happening.

Bungee Jumping in India

Nothing screams the Adrenaline rush in your veins when you are falling freely at a height of more than 100ft with a rope tied on your feet. Yes, it’s bungee Jumping. And Bunjee jumping is gaining attention in India. Rishikesh again is the spot for bungee jumping Built over a cliff of more than 83 meters.

This is the best way to overcome your fear of height at Rishikesh. Best time for the activity in September and June. Costs 3000 INR per person.

Trekking , Chadar Trek Ladakh

India has Many high raising locations which are perfect for trekking having an amazing view and natural exotic beauty. Most famous is the Chadar Trek of Ladakh which is a unique 9 days activity of trekking over a frozen river. The temperature during the trek is very low up to -30 degrees. Many Adventurous expeditions from India and from other countries cover this trek every year. Ensure that do not trek alone on such risky ground.

The Best Time to visit here in the January and February Months when the winters are at their peak and literally the whole lake converts into a Chadar of white snow. This Trek can be done only in groups with trained persons and it costs you 18000 INR.

Hot air Balloon, Lonavala

Flying High in the deep blue sky in a giant colorful Baloon is nothing less than a fantasy. Flying in a basket with a Hot air balloon with a birds-eye view must be on your bucket list. Among many places of India, Lonavala Maharastra is the ideal location at a hight of 4000 ft for hot air baloon ride. you will get a mesmorising view of Siyadri valley during your ride. This Valley is very beautiful with dense greenery and lakes in its lap.

The best time to take a ride here is In October and February. It costs 8000 INR per person. little expensive but nothing for such an experience.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is the most adventurous activity in the world and India is also not untouched by it. There is another world under the water. It is a thrill and rush in the blood when you take your first dive in the deep blue water of the endless sea. Best place to feel this experience is Andaman. Havelock and Neil Island of the Andaman are Ideal for scuba diving. When you die and swim like a fish you can see another world of amazing creatures under the water which is untouched by this modernization and pollution.

March to May is the best time to Dive. Staring price for scuba diving is 3500 INR .

Heli Skiing & Skiing

Heli skiing or skiing in an helicopter. Imagine yourself flying in a chopper over the white mountains covered with the fresh untouched now. And then skiing on thet fresh snow which makes a trails after you. Sounds like a dream. But you can do all this in Manali and Gulmarg. Both of these have the best conditions in the world for skiing.

You will not only have a birds-eye view of Majestic Himalaya but you can feel the slow sliding on the fresh powder of snow. Best time for Skiing in Manali from February to March and in Gulmarg from December to February. Heli-Skiing costs you 18000 INR. Skiing on snow Costs 3000 INR . Many competitive events also hosted on these places if you are a professional. This is on the list of Best Adventure Sports In India.

Paragliding, Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh

Ever imagine yourself flying like a Bird and Greeting the clear Blue sky. Paragliding can do this for you. Paragliding is available in India at many places but the best place for this is Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh. Bir is the Paragliding Capital of India and the world’s Second highest take-off point for paragliding at 8000ft. It is situated in the District Kangra of Himachal and famous all over the world. you can get all the information in my article about Bir billing paragliding.

These are the Best Adventure Sports In India along with the places where you can feel that you are alive.

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