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Uttrakhand is a state present in India which is famous for its religion as well as for its other beautiful places. A huge amount of visitors including foreigners visit Uttrakhand every year. It is a hill station just like Himachal Pradesh. it’s a town present in mountains with fresh air and pure natural water. It has another level of spiritual value as Maa Ganga (a sacred river in the Hindu religion) passes through Uttarakhand

Haridwar (Gateway to heaven)

Haridwar is the holy place in the Hindu religion as after the death of any person after cremation the ashes of that person are believed to be poured in the Ganga river in Haridwar. Devotees take bath here as it is believed that this water is very pure and it cuts all your sins

Many pandits are present on the ghats to perform the ritual activities called pandas. Bramha Kund is the place where ‘AMRIT’ fells from heaven. It is present in Har Ki Paudi (means ” Footsteps if Lord”)

Sadhus taking bath in holly ganga

Moreover, it is a huge attraction for foreigners as it is a hub to know Hindu religions. Many of the foreigners are living here after accepting the Hindu religion. Not only its a religious place but also a tourist place of Uttrakhand.


This is a temple related to lord shiva (A Hindu God).

This shrine remains open for pilgrims only for few months every year. In addition to the religious place. Moreover, it is a good trekking place for trekking lovers as it is present at a 3583mt height. It is present on the bank of Mandakini river and above to it Chorabari glacier present. Both are responsible for the 2013 flood. But the faith of peoples rebuilt even after this huge tragedy.

Furthermore, there are many more Places like Rishikesh, Ram jhoola, Laxman jhoola, Chandi Devi temple, Shree Mansa Devi temple, Neelkanth Mahadev temple are very famous and worth seeing places in Uttrakhand. Finally, Uttrakhand is God’s own land you can feel the god and nature together.



  1. Yogesh Kumar Patel Reply

    Uttarakhand is known for the natural environment of the Himalayas……..

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