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Bird flu is another pandemic after a corona. However, it has less impact on human health than the coronavirus. It mostly affects the kittens but hardly hitting our economy after corona

Avian Influenza

Indian Government confirmed the outbreak of avian influenza(Bird flu) in India. It is declared to be spread in 11 states of the country (A1). However, A1 is not new for India as it already hits the country in 2006.

As of January 15, 2021, the influenzas have been confirmed in wild birds in different parts of the country. The birds in poultry farms are more severely in danger due to the huge population in small areas and improper sanitation for bird flu.

In Himachal Pradesh, the wild crows are found dead in different places due to A1 and many of the poultry farms have been checked for A1 across the country. At many places the poltry farms are destroyed by the owners .

The poultry product consumption is reduced at a high rate. Although It was reiterated that the virus gets destroyed easily at 70 degrees Centigrade and therefore, properly cooked poultry and poultry products are safe for human consumption,” the animal and husbandry ministry said.

In Himachal pradesh the poultry Produts and fishing is banned for the mean time by government .

Precautions to avoid the avian flu

proper sanitization of the place where we keep our animals or farms. The meat we are taking must be well cooked up to 70 degree as this temperature is enough to kill this



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