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Malana is a name that is undiscovered even after the years of democracy. It is an ancient village present in the Kullu district of Himachal, a side valley of Parvati valley. Malana is known for its oldest democracy in the world and famous for its Malana Crean(Marijuana). This Village is totally isolated from the rest of the world as the people think they are the Pureblood Aryans.

Historically it is said that Emperor Akbar came here for the treatment and he let this village tax-free as a gift for his treatment. Before that time when Great Alexander attacked India then some of his soldiers will not go back and resides in malana. So now the peoples think they are the descendants of Alexander’s shoulders.

Faith Of Peoples-

Jamlu Rishi is the God of the Malana peoples. They elect some peoples are the representative of Jamalu Rishi which Constitute the Parliament of this Village. It has two houses Lower and Upper house. All the Decisions are taken in this parliaments regarding the village and its traditions. They don’t believe in any other rules and regulations.

Peoples from outside are not allowed to touch anything and it is written everywhere. If you do so you are fined with 1000 or many more. The fined money is used for the purification rituals as they think they are pure. They do marriages in the same village so that the purity of the race is maintained.

Malana Cream (Charas)

Another thing for which malana is famous is its High-quality Marijuana. It is best in quality as its growing conditions are favorable for it. Thousands of tourists Indians and foreigners do visit when they came to kasol valley for the Malana cream.

You will get different varieties of this cream in malana which is illegal but still famous.

How to Reach Malana

The only road is the source to reach this village as this is a hilly area. HRTC buses from Kullu and kasol will drop you or your personal vehicle also go up to the Village Jari. From this village, there is a track of a minimum of 4 hours to the Malana Village.

It is a Beautiful village and valley as it is present in the mountains. If you ever visit kasol valley must visit the malana.

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