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Switzerland is an amazing country having wonderful infrastructure, breathtaking views, cable cars and the most fascinating thing The Paragliding. Paragliding in Switzerland having a different value. People love to use gliders. Many professional agencies are involved in the business of paragliding and serve the tourist for skydiving, paragliding, Parasailing, etc.

If you ever think about paragliding then Switzerland is an ideal location to make your dreams true. It is the most beautiful destination in the world for paragliders. You can be weightless, you can be a bird. Can you imagine soaring above the alpine peaks and glaciers, over the river water? It’s just like a bird.

Instead of all this adventure, it is a nature-friendly activity as you are not using any car or petrol. You just need a canopy, lines/risers, Parasite, and a helmet that’s all. And if you are doing this activity with an agency then you need only you to bring with you.

Places for Paragliding in Switzerland

There are many places for paragliding in Switzerland. Here we cover some of those.

Paragliding at Verbier

Verbier is in the southwest part of Switzerland and famous for skiing and High rated hotels in the valley. Verbier is an amazing place for paragliding and you can see the view of Mount Blac from the bird’s eye. The ski lift in Verbier remains open in all the summer for hikers and Paragliders. If you visit Switzerland must-visit Verbier for paragliding.

Interlaken Switzerland

Interlaken is a town present in central Switzerland and it is a hub for outdoor sports. This town is between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, Interlaken is exactly what most picture when thinking of Switzerland; sprawling grassy-green meadows in picturesque valleys, surrounded by rocky mountain peaks covered in snow. You can also see red trains run through the hillsides next to glacial turquoise waters, and tiny mountain flowers grow on the roadside. 

But nowdays Interlaken is known for its adventure spots, Cable cars, Paragliding, Skiing etc.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is a resort town having multiple luxurious resorts for the Tourists. It has the best Ski resort in all of Europe. This town does not allow the entry of any polluting engine vehicles. So the environment is so fresh and healthy.

Zermatt is located in the foothill of the highest peaks of Switzerland including the famous Matterhorn peak. Paragliding is super famous as this has many high points for hikers and paragliders. It gives you an altitude of 3000 Meters for the paragliders.

Vercorin An Amazing Village

Between the giant mountains, there is a tiny village Vercorin. Vacorin is a small village in Switzerland. Vercorin has a wonderful climate where paragliding is possible all the year. Paragliding is a passion for the residents of this village. Ten percent of peoples of this village use paragliding for their daily work purposes. As this village is present at high altitude so the people use gliders to go for their work. They all have their gliders. They don’t use any car or bus but only gliders.

For the return, they use a Cable car and Gandola lift. They don’t use cars or any other transport to go for their work. it takes almost the same amount of time. But according to them, it is not about the time, it is all a question of comfort and a quality of life. Even their dogs enjoy paragliding with them.

If you are a nature lover, Hiker, or solo traveler then these places are for you. where you can sit peacefully and feel everything around you. To fly with the wind is amazing and just keep yourself calm and observe the surrounding.

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